Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wed 27,2010

Nicholas had a project due today that included a report and diorama. well, i thought we had tons and tons of time but there i was at michaels last night buying moss. He chose alligators (why? not sure). As i was trying to sleep I kept thinking i could do more for the alligators habitat if i used my cricut :) so before school this morning I was cutting turtles and trees... i'm kinda thinking the tree from the mickey and friends cartridge is not exactly swamp like but hey i was racing against the clock. Of course Nicholas doesnt look very excited in the picture :( for some reason he seems to be hitting stages of 'boyhood' way too soon. when we got to his class the girls ran up to him asking to see his project and he told them, "RAAAAAA, he says RAAAAA!" while he was moving the alligator box habitat thing toward them,lol. boys,ugh!! come to find out we were not the only people out last night buying supplies ;) i love truthful parents :)


  1. Oh I love that little face... he doesn't look real happy, but I think I can see a smile hiding in there.

  2. for a last min project it turned out great.

  3. What a great project. Amazing how our Cricuts come in handy for that extra touch!