Thursday, January 7, 2010

favorite things....

I have a lot of "favorite" things so I'm thinking that will be a popular topic for my potd ;).
My first, my kids art work... of course, as any parent feels their kids art is the best so i wanted to show it off.. My walls in my scrapbook room are filled with all their creations. We have 7 in our family and every single one of us has something we created :) My mother inlaw gave me all of my husbands work from when he was in school, my mom had a few things of mine and so started our art wall. I'm sure some people pay big money for artwork (thats great) but I think I have the best without having to pay for it.....
I love pictures...... here is another picture wall in my house. I decided I needed a wall that showed all of us as babies :) baby pictures have to be the cutest!!! In the middle on the left is my husband, the middle right is me and the five babies below us our beautiful children :)... as a bonus i was able to locate a baby picture of my dad and his parents... My husband asked why I had so many red hearts placed all over. well, my answer was simple, there were too many holes from the previous pictures so I had to figure out a way to cover them.... LOL!!! you see my cricut has many uses.


  1. Oh Bridgette I love all of your art work and the baby pictures. What beautiful precious things to do. I am so excited to see what you will be posting on your project 365. I hope your mom is feeling better. hugs to you my friend.

  2. Great wall of art. I wish I would have done that. Most of its either in a box somewhere or in the trash. :(