Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jan. 13 2010

I know I'm posting this a day late but I was way too tired last night. I've been running around town like a crazy lady trying to find a dress.. My husband is a musician and the awards are this weekend and I'm kinda thinking my usual jeans and tennis shoes just won't do. sorry about the terrible pictures but i always forget to put my camera in my purse so I have to use my phone. I believe i've tried on at least 50 dresses in the past 2 days and still I dont have one... It seems like they are either too short or too tight in all the wrong places.. I just want to scream!!!!! So, I've asked my husband if it would be ok for me not to attend the award show and just go to the after dinner dance and is ok with that :) whewwww!!! I was thinking a pair of black dress pants and a blouse would be ok, what do you all think? I so hate dressing up :(


  1. I didn't know he was a musician, or did I. How cool is that. What does he play and is he in a group? I think a nice pair of black slacks and a pretty top would be just fine.

  2. I so agree with Bridget.. you will look very very nice. How exciting.