Tuesday, February 23, 2010

todays post!!!!

what a miracle!!! I have an actual POTD!!! I have been posting a couple of pictures after the day is looooong gone :( I sit here cutting with both my cricuts and i figured I needed to document why I do the crazy things I do,lol. Nicholas' teacher needed paper cut to make little books with laminate samples. Its arts and dessert night on thursday and I'm in charge of that craft. I'm doing things tonight I definitely want to remember!! first, my potd on the actual day, putting both my cricuts to use AND finally, cutting out the needed craft items way before the event. ok, maybe not WAY before, but I've known about this since beginning of Feb. and I'm famous for waiting until the night before and not finishing until right before the event,ugh!!!!

shopping trip :)

I ran by family dollar last night and I sure left there one happy shopper :).
the store is maybe 3 minutes from my house and for some reason I never ever think about stopping. well, a friend of mine showed me clothes she bought and the great prices she paid. of course i can't pass up a good deal so off I went. wow, I bought 10 complete outfits for 30 bucks!!!! joey made out the best and was very happy with his new clothes :) they ranged in price from $2-$3.... can you believe that???!!!!! my family thought i was ridiculous for taking pictures of the clothes but I was just too proud of myself not to..... ;)
I hope you all are doing well and having a wonderful start to your week. now i'm off to sneak in some time to visit your blogs :)

March tree

I was suppose to be working on other projects BUT my tree was sitting there with "old" valentine decorations. of course that took priority over everything else ;) I know my priorities at times can be a little wacky!!!! thank you again Bridget for the idea :) my kids and the kids i babysit are loving it.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

the tree

Thanks to Bridget L. for the idea of keeping my christmas tree out year round. After reading her blog and seeing her pretty valentine tree I dug out my tree and decorated :) thought i would post a picture of it before I start decorating for st.pattys day. I love my pink tree and always hate putting it away after christmas but now it will stay in my craft room until...........

wed 2/17/10

It was early release day for the kids so I figured we would burn all that extra energy playing outside. My nephew joined us at the park and I couldn't figure out who had more fun. He said they wore him out and he doesnt know how I can take all those kids to the park without help ;) My usual answer to something like that- "when you have five kids does it really matter how many extras you add?" lol.
Besides, I only had four extra at the time :).... I'm so happy spring is around the corner because this year it couldnt come fast enough.

Monday, February 15, 2010

happy valentines day :)

I love valentines day and probably not for the reasons people think :) I love all the cute pink stuff ;)..... every year we have a valentine lunch and I try to stick with heart shaped food or red food.. i know i can be ridiculous. My kids seem to enjoy it or maybe they just enjoy receiving their special valentine. the giant cookie cake was delish!!! joey for some reason decided it was better to smash it on his face and sunnie had to copy. just a couple extra pictures of sunnie to show she was in the holiday spirit :) I hope you all had a wonderful day with your valentine.

friday 2/12

It seems like for every holiday the kids class parties are at the same time and that leaves me running like a crazy lady. By the time I hit joeys class all is well and I can relax a bit. Joey has always been a hard one to handle. ugh, i remember when he was a baby and he would cry non stop and never ever sleep longer then 20 minutes at a time. Nobody ever believes my joey stories because he is so darn cute and innocent looking. The thing i always say, "he's darn lucky he's so cute!!!" ;)

After seeing these on the cricut mb I knew I had to make a few. sock cupcakes??? who woulda thunk it? lol.

thursday 2/11

I always have the best of intentions to get everything finished ahead of time. well, as usual it never works out that way and i'm scrambling around at the last minute. the night before their valentine party my boys sit in my craft room and fill out their cards. I had so much to finish that night but i decided to sit back and watch them.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here i go again.....

thought i would let you all know why I havent been posting. the sickness continued in my house :( I finished with my antibiotics on a sunday by that wednesday i had strep throat AGAIN!!!! that makes 3 times since Jan.1st.... now i'm taking another antibiotic and i'm so afraid to finish it... positive thoughts :) this time it took the dr. until the following wednesday to notify me that my strep test came back positive, ugh!!!!
I do have a few pictures to post but really havent been in the mood... i'm trying to tell myself starting monday I will "start over". last week I received a very sad phone call. A dear friend of mine lost her son tragically :(
My heart is broken for her family and I cant even begin to imagine the pain they all are feeling. So, I have been praying and thinking and praying some more. very sad :(.....
I will keep telling myself this project 365 is something i really really want to do and just maybe that will get me moving again.
I hope all is well with all of you :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

wow!!! it has been a very long 2 weeks......

It seems like we have been in and out of the dr's office and the pharmacy. my husband and I have been sick for what seems like forever but thankfully its on its way out. I have filled so many prescriptions that it would be ok if i didnt walk into target for awhile (jason would be so happy to hear that lol). Now i just have to finish my drops for pink eye and I will be done :) of course, I'm keeping fingers crossed and knocking on wood every chance I get ;).

While my husband was watching the superbowl I was able to work on some valentine crafts. I needed to make mailboxes for Joeys pre-school class and nicholas' teacher a card. I never got around to ordering the sweet treat cups from stampin up so after reading a post on the cricut mb I got an idea. I'm not sure what the lady used as her "sweet treat cup" (I was too tired to click on the post to read the entire thing) but it did give me an idea of what i could use :).
I bought several different candy molds hoping they would work. for the most part I think it turned out ok. Really it doesnt hold a lot of candy but thats ok, its still kinda cute ;)

I guess my brain still isnt working to its fullest :o..... I posted the pictures in the wrong order...

Monday, February 1, 2010

sunday 1/31

wow, i cant believe i haven't posted since wed. of last week. i keep saying life is so busy and crazy right now and i don't have much time for anything but "life". then i think, well, that's ok because if i didn't have a busy crazy life what would my project 365 be about ;)
I've always disliked sundays because that is the end of our weekend and back to routine, rushing and work..... The kids school got 2 new play structures last week so we took them over to play. Nicholas didn't get to play on them at school because the line of kids was ridiculous. We had the entire playground to ourselves so they were able to play as much as they wanted :) I hope everyone is doing well and now i'm off to blog surf and see what i've been missing..

saturday 1/30

nicholas said sunnie looked like a rockstar, i think joey said she looked like a monster,lol. I think she looked adorable :) it doesnt matter how i comb her hair because a few minutes later she always ends up looking like she's been through the dryer.

friday 1/29

what a long week so glad to have friday roll around :).... My husband usually plays with the band both friday and saturday night but he had tonight off. That makes it a little easier around here when i have his help. He got the 2 little kids ready for bed and it wasnt long before we found them asleep on the couch. I guess they must have had a hard long week too :)

thur 1/28

Joey's class had a field trip to see Frank Leto in concert at the national hispanic cultural center. He sings the cutest childrens songs like coconut soap, back seat driver.. if are in need of "new" kids music check him out on myspace :)

the picture is part of the hispanic center and the other is a house.. back when the center was being built they offered the residents so much money to buy their property and well most agreed. as you can see there is one lone house that the owner wasn't gonna give in. She was an elderly lady and refused to sell so she didnt and they built around her. If i'm not mistaken their final offer was a million dollars and she still said no. Well, since then she has passed away and her family took possession of her house and wanted to sell but it was too late. Now there is this little green house right smack dab in the middle of the center :)

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

wed 27,2010

Nicholas had a project due today that included a report and diorama. well, i thought we had tons and tons of time but there i was at michaels last night buying moss. He chose alligators (why? not sure). As i was trying to sleep I kept thinking i could do more for the alligators habitat if i used my cricut :) so before school this morning I was cutting turtles and trees... i'm kinda thinking the tree from the mickey and friends cartridge is not exactly swamp like but hey i was racing against the clock. Of course Nicholas doesnt look very excited in the picture :( for some reason he seems to be hitting stages of 'boyhood' way too soon. when we got to his class the girls ran up to him asking to see his project and he told them, "RAAAAAA, he says RAAAAA!" while he was moving the alligator box habitat thing toward them,lol. boys,ugh!! come to find out we were not the only people out last night buying supplies ;) i love truthful parents :)

tuesday 26

I always wonder what my husband and i are going to do when the kids are grown and out of the house. His hobby, golfing :P well, i've tried golfing a few times and its just not my thing but I'm not going to give up. I was at target and like always I looked at the pink golf clubs (not sure why i always look) they were on clearance!!!! i am now the proud owner of pink clubs :)so now i have a date with hubby on sunday at the golf course. He helps me with my scrapbooking and crafts when i need him to, but I dont see him running to buy himself his own paper and adhesive any time soon ;)

Monday, January 25, 2010

flour or flower

My mom gave us 50lbs of flour (that's another post all on its own) and we really don't have anywhere to store it, so i had to go shopping for a bucket. unfortunately, they didn't have pink but the next best color, cricut green ;) I HAD to decorate it using my pink vinyl and cricut. I thought it would be funny to put flower on it instead of flour just to get a reaction out of my husband. childish? yes but still funny.
He has yet to see it because he worked late, but I'm just gonna wait until he does. I have to remember to let my younger kids know that's not the real spelling of that kind of flour :)

sunday 1/24/10

3 pictures for my potd. now i'm not too sure how I'm gonna fit all these pictures into one album. Its a good thing i decided to go with the lickety split albums from Bazzil.
It was my father inlaws birthday so we had lunch for him at our house. Its always a nice day with the inlaws because I love them to pieces and love having them around.
the kids were laughing watching him blow out his candles because they knew they would re lite again ;)
I was working on a bday gift for a friend and of course Joey had to join me in my craft room. I gave him ribbon to use and he decided wrapping it around his head was a great idea.
last picture is the bday gift i made my friend :) sure hope she isnt insulted,lol.
hope you all had a great weekend :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

finally caught up to today

I have been very sick with strep throat so I haven't been keeping up with my potd. This is the 2nd time this month i have had strep and I'm not liking it. It started way back at Thanksgiving when my 8 yr old had it and now we are in a whole new year and I'm still dealing with it. of course i'm the lucky one to get it twice,ugh..
My kids love hats but nicholas is the only one that really wears them everywhere. I have bought sunnie the cutest hats but you think she keeps them on, nope! well, today she decided to wear every hat but her own (figures). I had to let her know ladies don't lift their shirt up for the world to see their business ;).

friday 1/22 potd

My husband is a wonderful cook and does 99% of the cooking. I asked for fresh homemade flour tortillas and he delivered ;) For dinner we had beans, red chili and fresh tortillas. DELISH!!!! no wonder I'm having a hard time losing weight...

Thursday 1/21 potd

thank goodness my husband was with me at the grocery store. I had the 2 four year olds and sunnie and decided it was a good idea to go full blown shopping. first, joey and helen needed there own little cart (we were lucky enough to get the only one the store has,lol). second, i get a text from AJ saying school has let out early because of continuous fire alarms (?). third, i get a call from nicholas' school because during recess he was was tripped and his tooth cut through his lip. finally, joey had a major melt down at the register because he didnt want the sugarless gum i was offering. What ever happened to the days of just plain old grocery shopping? I'm guessing it has a little something to do with having 5 kids :) Truthfully, its all so worth it.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I had to take my mom to run a few errands in a town she grew up in. Its only about 25 minutes from where we live but by the look of it, it looks like it should be out in the middle of nowhere. My grandpa died back in 1991 and my grandma back in 2008 and my mom was left in "charge" of taking care of their property (if "they" wouldve allowed it). I wish i could say its been an easy road for her but it seems some people can never get over my grandparents putting her in "charge". Most days i know my mom wishes they wouldn't have because of all the crap she's had to go through. My grandparents never did have a lot of money but I do know they loved their family like no other. My grandpa was the hardest worker I ever knew, he built the house with his own two hands. yes, it was crooked in some places and the ceiling was not very high but just high enough for him and my grandma (they were very short people,lol). They were so very loving and giving of what they did have. After my grandpa passed away some people felt it ok to take complete advantage of my grandma and that was a very sad situation. I wish they would've taken care of the house because it sure was a very special place. Anyway, I could go on and on about all that but really I won't.. I just knew we were going to be by there today and made sure to take my camera. I want my kids to have a picture of this house because I'm sure one day soon it will be a vacant lot.

during award show

When I noticed nobody was really dressed up I ran up to our room and changed,lol. I am so much more comfortable in pants and a shirt than a dress..... my husband probably thought i was crazy having him take pictures of me. well, actually he already knows i'm crazy ;)

before the award show

finally able to sit and catch up on my project 365... We had a great time at the show/dance. my husbands band performed super good and everybody loved them. It was nice sitting there listening to all the people around me saying, "wow, they are really good" or "didn't i tell you they were good". I ended up finding a plain black dress but really didn't need it :( it seems everyone there didn't get the same memo i did on dressing up ;) i wore it for maybe an hour and went up to my room to change. oh well, now i can say i actually own a dress...

Friday, January 15, 2010

We "host" medical and/or education students from UNM through a program, Families As Faculty. Every other month or so 2 students come to our house to visit and discuss issues we have come across having a child with special needs. Of course when it comes to Dr's or the education system we have had our fair share of issues. Basically, they listen to negative and positive experiences we have had and with that they can take it with them into their future career. I'd like to think with all the students I've met over the years I have given information that changed the way they approached or treated people with special needs.... Last night we met with 2 med students who are very close to becoming Dr's. They brought over empanadas for dessert and they sure were yummy :) my favorite, pumpkin.....

Thursday, January 14, 2010

playing with Zhu Zhus

I'm trying to do potd earlier in the day so i dont have to do 2 at one time....I'm also trying to relax a little when it comes to project 365 because really I dont want to burn out in the first month ;)
My oldest son didnt have school and I appreciate those days because he can be a big help. The kids were lucky enough to get a lot of zhu zhu pet toys before they became real popular (still dont understand the craze). I really dont think they have played with them but a hand full of times but today they pulled them all out :)...
thank goodness A.J. was home because I couldnt figure out how it all connected!!! he put it all together, the kids played for maybe 10 minutes and then they moved on to something else...lol. gotta love 4 and 2 yr olds.