Saturday, January 23, 2010

finally caught up to today

I have been very sick with strep throat so I haven't been keeping up with my potd. This is the 2nd time this month i have had strep and I'm not liking it. It started way back at Thanksgiving when my 8 yr old had it and now we are in a whole new year and I'm still dealing with it. of course i'm the lucky one to get it twice,ugh..
My kids love hats but nicholas is the only one that really wears them everywhere. I have bought sunnie the cutest hats but you think she keeps them on, nope! well, today she decided to wear every hat but her own (figures). I had to let her know ladies don't lift their shirt up for the world to see their business ;).


  1. Oh she's so cute with all the hats. And yes Sunnie keep your shirt down. We don't want to see any future Britney Spears running around. LOL

  2. She's such a sweetie! Love the hats.
    A little tip. My son had strep three times in a short period of time and the doctor told us to throw out and replace the toothbrush because you can reinfect yourself.... not sure if that's what happened or not, but after the last round of antibiotics started I threw it out and got him a new one. Haven't gotten strep again (knock on wood)