Sunday, January 10, 2010

such a girly girl :)

Brenda has never been much of a girly girl,she likes playing outside (preferably in the dirt ;), playing with cars and trucks and her favorite, balls... All that is so not me :) yes, i do have 3 boys and yes, i do play those types of things with them but i'd much rather play dolls, dress up and dance ballet (ok, not so much of me doing the dancing anymore ;) So, when Sunnie (20 months) was born everybody told me she was gonna be a "tomboy" just to get at me. well, they were wrong!!! She is most definitely very girly and i'm totally ok with that.... I think next to my scraproom her room has to be my favorite.... Don't get me wrong, I'm ok if she wants to play outside in the dirt, baseball or whatever it is that boys play, but for now I'm loving the girly stuff.....


  1. Darling room and I love her name.. how sweet!!

  2. Oh Bridgette.. what a sweet "girly" room.. isn't God so good to us.

  3. I so wish I had a girl to do girlie things with. Maybe one day I will have a grand daughter. very pretty room.