Friday, January 15, 2010

We "host" medical and/or education students from UNM through a program, Families As Faculty. Every other month or so 2 students come to our house to visit and discuss issues we have come across having a child with special needs. Of course when it comes to Dr's or the education system we have had our fair share of issues. Basically, they listen to negative and positive experiences we have had and with that they can take it with them into their future career. I'd like to think with all the students I've met over the years I have given information that changed the way they approached or treated people with special needs.... Last night we met with 2 med students who are very close to becoming Dr's. They brought over empanadas for dessert and they sure were yummy :) my favorite, pumpkin.....


  1. You are involved in so many things and raising 5 kids, I truly admire you Bridgette. And the desserts do looks yummy.
    How did the awards night go??? I know you looked beautiful... hope you had a wonderful time.

  2. Bridgette, you are such a wonderful mom and advocate. How do you ever find time to scrap?
    Oh and like Sandy asked how did the awards night go?

  3. You are amazing!! How wonderful of you to share your experience with others in order to make the 'system" better for others. Truly a selfless act.