Friday, January 8, 2010

happy friday

This week seemed to last forever and I'm happy to finally have the weekend here :)....... so happy that I decided to take the kids to eat pizza. Usually this is a place I try really hard to never drive by so I dont have to hear, "mom, can we please stop?"... unfortunately, it is located right next door to Michaels (a place my husband doesnt like to drive by,lol). I've been known to tell my kids, " hmmm, I think they are closed today!" I was thinking how crazy i was to announce to them we would be going. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasnt too busy, the kids ate a whole slice of pizza instead of 1/2 just so they could play and they didnt scream when it was time to leave... Maybe just maybe we could go one more time before 2011.
this was my "weapon" of choice to battle chuck e cheese.... not the healthiest choice but it worked!!!


  1. Bridgette, you are so funny. I am so glad you are doing the project 365. I am really enjoying your blog.

  2. I love chuck e cheese. but my kids think they are too old for it now. Probably a good thing no $ to take them anyway.