Monday, February 15, 2010

friday 2/12

It seems like for every holiday the kids class parties are at the same time and that leaves me running like a crazy lady. By the time I hit joeys class all is well and I can relax a bit. Joey has always been a hard one to handle. ugh, i remember when he was a baby and he would cry non stop and never ever sleep longer then 20 minutes at a time. Nobody ever believes my joey stories because he is so darn cute and innocent looking. The thing i always say, "he's darn lucky he's so cute!!!" ;)

After seeing these on the cricut mb I knew I had to make a few. sock cupcakes??? who woulda thunk it? lol.


  1. Cute cute cute, I love those little mailboxes, I can't ever find any... and joey is really cute. Look at that sweet innocent face.

  2. I hated when the kids were in elementary school and I had to be in 3 places at once. Someone always got left out. Love the cupcakes. I want to try making those for Easter.